Professional IT Support at a Practical Rate

Technology is the great equalizer for medium to small sized business.  It allows them to look and feel like large companies and to compete and serve their clients on an equal level.  But Professional a Full-Time IT staff is expensive and often “overkill” for smaller companies.  FOX IT Services is able to give you the feel of full-time IT resources without the high cost of a full time staff.

Server and Network Managment

Server and Network availability is an essential aspect of maintaining your business productivity and continuity. Small businesses face many challenges and responsibilities when it comes to maintaining the network and keeping downtime to a minimum.  FOX I.T. Services  can relieve owners of the burden of these complex issues, freeing up their time to focus on core business needs.

Mac and PC User Support

The day to day toil of dealing with PC and Mac technical issues can drain the productivity of an employee’s day.  Whether it’s viruses and malware, error messages, e-mail issues or hardware failure, business owner’s and employee's productivity can grind to a halt.  FOX I.T. Services can manage your PC and Mac problems quickly and, often times, remotely with immediate support.


No matter what mobile devices you and your company are using we have the expertise to keep you them updated and running.  Galaxies, iPhones and Blackberry; any variety of smart phone or tablet no matter the model, we can help you manage mobile e-mail exchange, apps or synching.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

Our client’s needs are as diverse as the types of businesses they run.  We understand the importance of conforming our business to best help yours.  At FOX I.T. Services we are able to customize our services to fit your needs, concerns and budgets.  We are able to offer various levels of services under many different types of service contracts, from flat rate contracts to hourly billing; we work to service your needs.

3. Mac and PC User Support

2. VOIP Phone Systems

1. Managed IT Solutions

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